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HEATAINER® S.L.I.M - Removable Insulation with PYROGEL Core

Advance Thermal Corp. is proud to introduce a new addition to its HEATAINER® family of products, a revolutionary removable/reusable insulation cover - S.L.I.M. (Super Light Insulation Matrix) - incorporating as a minimum, double layers of PYROGEL®, (from the NANO line of products), as an insulation core. PATENT # US 7,947,354 B2. View a PDF Flier »

S.L.I.M. Cover
Cover with Inner Skin Removed

What Is An Aerogel?

  • Aerogels are nano-porous solids invented in the 1930’s.
    • Aerogels are created when silica is gelled in a solvent.
    • When the solvent is removed, what remains is “puffed-up sand”, with up to 99% porosity.
  • Nano-porosity slows heat and mass transport, providing record-low thermal conductivity.
  • Twin Aspen Innovations moved aerogels from lab curiosity to a high-volume industrial product.
    • Aspen’s supercritical CO2 extraction process reduces cycle time from months to hours.
    • Casting the wet gel into a fibrous batting provides mechanical integrity.
SLIM Technical Facts

Aerogels Have the Lowest k-Value of Any Industrial Insulation

SLIM Conductivity

Thickness Comparison at Equal R-Values

SLIM Thickness Comparison

Pyrogel has Many Benefits on Hot Process Equipment

SLIM Thickness Profile
  • Industry’s best k-value saves energy with 2-5X less material.
    • Greater space efficiency.
    • Lighter and easier to handle covers.
  • Insulation productivity.
    • Shop or field fabrication.
    • Very fast in 1 & 2 ply designs.
    • Single-man installs.
    • Good in difficult-to-access areas.
  • Greater in-service durability.
    • Durably hydrophobic (does not retain water).
    • Will not crack, crumble or sag.
  • Reduces cladding, banding and vapor barrier costs.
  • Packed volume reduced 5-10X.
    • Less scrap, trucking and storage.
  • Single part number simplifies logistics and planning.
  • Excellent fire protection.

Proven Applications for Pyrogel in Hydrocarbon Processing


Pyrogel is Mechanically Robust and Tolerates Abuse

Pyrogel will withstand higher compressive loads (i.e. tool strikes, footfall, etc) with minimal degradation and less damage to the cladding.

SLIM Durability

Summary and Conclusions - Advantages to the Owner/Operator

  • Greater energy savings.
    • Pyrogel’s k-value lowers the heat loss.
    • Pyrogel’s durability keep it in place.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
    • Pyrogel resists fracture, crumbling & sag.
    • Durable hydrophobicity resists damage due to liquid water and humidity.
    • Pyrogel helps prevent denting of the cladding by providing stiffer support.
  • Excellent fire properties.
    • Class “A"”material.
    • Can reduce damage and hasten plant recovery after a fire event.
  • Lighter weight.
    • Lighter blankets, (50-60% lighter than the ones made with Mat or Cerawool) reduces stress on pipe racks and fittings.
    • Better access in confined spaces.

Pyrogel is Doped with a Hydrophobic Agent

The hydrophobic agent helps make Pyrogel resistant to moisture, allowing it to shed water.

ABOVE: Droplets of water bead-up on top of sections of Pyrogel, reacting to the hydrophobic agent.

During Hurricane Katrina, an Aerogel-insulated pipe was flooded with sea water. Once the waters receded, the pipeline was drained, dried and re-tested. No degradation was found. The pipe was subsequently sealed and put into service off the coast of Africa.

Standard Testing for Pyrogel 6350

ASTM Test Description Result
ASTM C177 Hot Plate Thermal Conductivity Confirmation of Aspen Data
ASTM C335 Thermal Conductivity on Hot Pipe Confirmation of Aspen Data
ASTM C356 Linear Shrinkage - Coupon Test Passed
ASTM C411/C447 Continuous Use Temperature 0.5% Shrinkage @ 662°F
ASTM C165 Compressive Strength Completed
ASTM C592 Vibration Testing Passed
ASTM C1104 Water Vapor Sorption Completed / Low
ASTM C1510 Water Repellency Weight Gain Low
ASTM C1559 Water Wicking Complete / Non-Wicking
ASTM C1101 Rigidity Classification Test Resilient and Flexible
ASTM C1338 Fungal Growth Complete / No Growth
ASTM E1222-90 Acoustic Properties Complete / Sound Reduction
ASTM E84 Surface Burning Fire Test Class A Rating / No Fuel Contribution
ASTM C136 No Combustibility Test Passed
UL 1709 Rapid Rise HC Fire Test Excellent Performance / 60 min Achieved